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Each question in this assessment relates to a specific symptom or group of symptoms. You are provided with four options that describe how frequently or intensely you experience the symptom. Simply click your mouse over the option that best describes your experience of that symptom or symptoms. The assessment will automatically store your answers and create a coloured chart that highlights your priority areas.

All information is held in strict confidence. Take all the time you need to complete this questionnaire.
No or Rarely
You have never experienced the symptom or the symptom is familiar to you but you perceive it as insignificant (monthly or less)
Symptom comes and goes and is linked in your mind to stress, diet, fatigue or some identifiable trigger
Symptom occurs 2-3 times per week and/or with a frequency that bothers you enough that you would like to do something about it
Symptom occurs 4 or more times per week and/or you are aware of the symptom every day, or it occurs with regularity on a monthly or cyclical basis



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Please mark areas where you feel pain, swelling or discomfort, or areas of your skin that have changed color or texture (e.g.,moles,rashes,etc.). Describe what you feel or observe in your own words.

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